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11 am - 6 pm


Open 7 Days A Week!!

Case Rentals:

We have about 60 (4' wide x 6' tall x 16" deep) showcases to rent out ($50 a month, %10 commission on items sold). Feel free to read the rental agreement for more detail.

We also take consignments on a 50/50 split. Consignments can be brought in any day and time that we are open (Mon - Fri is less busy and easy for us to take items on). Or you can set up an appointment for a time outside the main hours. 

To read more detail, click the consignment agreement.


Some things that Vintage Grace is currently not accepting for consignment are:
* Table Lamp
* Everyday wine glasses, coffee mugs, dining ware, etc.
* China Dining Sets
* Non-Vintage/Antique Vases, Plain Vases
* Random Serving pieces
* Crystal and Milk Glass Items
* Large Pictures
* Empty Frames
* Large Mirrors
* Dining Tables without matching chairs

Exceptions can be made for rare or unique items!


Tags for Vendors to print and use:

(open in Microsoft excel)