About Consigning

Let Us Sell Your Items

Interested in making money off of old items you no longer need? Vintage Grace wants to pay you for them! We fairly divide net proceeds (50/50) from the sale of consigned items with our consigners. So why not downsize and make money at the same time!

Consignments can be brought in any day and time that we are open (Mon - Fri is less busy and easy for us to take items on). 

Some things that Vintage Grace is currently not accepting for consignment are:
* Table Lamps
* Everyday wine glasses, coffee mugs, dining ware, etc.
* China Dining Sets
* Non-Vintage/Antique Vases, Plain Vases
* Random Serving pieces
* Crystal and Milk Glass Items
* Large Pictures
* Empty Frames
* Large Mirrors
* Dining Tables without matching chairs
Exceptions can be made for rare or unique items!

We only accept items that are in good, clean condition and ready for resale. Our experienced team of sales associates are experts at determining the most profitable sales prices for each item. Click below to read our full terms and conditions!


About Case Rentals

Sell Your Items

If you want to do more of the work and get more of the profit when selling your items, how about a case rental! You can even put items that we are not currently accepting for consignment into your case!

We have about 60 (4' wide x 6' tall x 16" deep) showcases on the premise to rent out ($50 a month, %10 commission on items sold). You can fill them up with just about anything you have and we'll sell it for you! The only exception is no guns or alcohol can be sold by law.

Feel free to read the rental agreement for more detail.


Already a vendor?

If you are already a vendor and just looking for tags to use, look no farther!!

Just click the link below and print out tags to use for your items. 
Sticker tags and string tags could always be purchased at places like Walmart and Office Depot if you'd like a different style, just don't forget to add your Vendor ID Number!


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